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How does silver affect the human body?

Many precious metals are attributed to healing and magical properties, but none of them can surpass silver. Alchemists tried to create a magical elixir with it - a drink of immortality. Silver jewelry was worn by kings and magicians - it was believed that they protect against evil spirits and bad dreams. And later, after checking these statements, scientists discovered that many superstitions have a real basis! In this article, we have collected the most amazing information about silver, its influence on people and the surrounding space. So, join us as we embark on an exploration of silver's enigmatic influence, diving into its healing prowess, delving into its esoteric magic, and admiring its intricate embodiment through ukrburshtyn.com captivating offerings.

Silver and medicine - healing properties of the metal

There is a special branch of non-traditional medicine - lithotherapy. Its followers are engaged in trying to determine how this or that mineral substance (stone, clay, water or metal) affects a person. And, according to the data they received, silver products can alleviate the condition of people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, help stabilize the activity of the nervous system. Such accessories have a beneficial effect on anxious, hot-tempered people who suffer from attacks of aggression and inability to control their anger.

It has long been known that silver has bactericidal properties. Roman soldiers applied plates made of this alloy to their wounds. But from a scientific point of view, this mechanism was explained only in 1930 by the researcher L. A. Kulsky. He described the process of disinfecting water using a silver ingot. At the same time, the ions released by the metal inhibit the development of bacteria that cause gastritis, stomach ulcers and dysbacteriosis. Moreover, the liquid treated in this way rejuvenates the blood at the cellular level, increasing the number of erythrocytes and normalizing the level of hemoglobin. It is quite easy to prepare - you just need to pour filtered water into a container made of precious metal or put an object forged from a "sterling" alloy into it and leave it overnight. Regularly using such a solution, you will soon notice a significant improvement in immunity.

The healing effect of the precious metal largely depends on where to place the silver jewelry. Yes, if you wear a medallion or a large pendant around your neck, you can forget about high blood pressure. A ring on the ring finger will have a similar effect. The ring on the index finger stabilizes the work of the intestines, helps to get a healthy and fresh complexion, even gets rid of wrinkles! And the same accessory on the little finger relieves heart diseases.

In addition, Silver is an excellent diagnostician. If you notice that products made from it, when in contact with your skin, quickly darken and lose their original shine - you should check your hormonal background, in particular, the thyroid gland. Also, a change in the color of the metal can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

But an excess of this metal can also have a negative effect on the body. If you began to notice frequent headaches, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, a change in skin color, you should temporarily limit the amount of silver you are exposed to.

Silver and magic - rituals, rites, amulets

Many amazing qualities of the metal cannot be explained only from a scientific point of view. Silver jewelry is used as a remedy against evil forces that try to harm a person, as well as a way to clear space and harmonize the flow of energies in the aura. Since this metal is associated with the Moon, it was revered by people initiated into secret knowledge. If a woman wears such creations, they contribute to the disclosure of her sexuality, the release of libido, and the removal of internal psychological prohibitions. Such jewelry can make any lady feminine, charming, sophisticated, and graceful. In addition, these accessories will help improve intuitive thinking skills. But they allow men to cope with attacks of rage, aggression, anger and anxiety more quickly. However, it is better for the strong half of humanity to balance the energy of silver things with gold ones - this will prevent the development of such character traits as excessive indecision, fear of change, and sentimentality.

A powerful talisman is any product made of precious metal, but some of them have a more pronounced esoteric potential. It is believed that the magical properties of silver are enhanced if you create figurines of a certain shape from it. Such creations are capable of entering into resonance with the body's natural electromagnetic radiation, especially if placed at the level of chakras - energy centers located opposite the main nerve nodes. Most often, jewelry is strung on a chain or string of such a length that they are located near the solar plexus - the heart chakra. You can buy Slavic charms made of silver in Ukraine:

  • a body cross made of silver has long served as a talisman against damage and evil;
  • pendant in the shape of the letter "t", also known as "Tau cross", helps to protect yourself from any negative influence directed at you by ill-wishers;
  • all whose activities are connected with water are protected by silver amulets-anchors;
  • a trident or arrowhead forged from a precious metal is worn to protect against energy vampires;
  • men and women who wear a pendant in the form of a radiant Sun cannot be bewitched;
  • the crescent moon keyring will allow you to forever forget about sleep problems - insomnia, nightmares and disturbing visions;
  • there are special charms for children as well - they are cast from a shiny alloy in the form of outstretched wings of a dragon.

However, it is not necessary to look for special talismans, because buying silver jewelry is an equally reliable way to feel the healing vibrations of the metal. Yes, earrings made of it have a beneficial effect on the work of the brain, improve memory and the ability to focus on a problem, relieve headaches, sharpen vision and hearing. Bracelets made of "sterling" alloy will help lower the body temperature during a cold, relax after a hard day, and also inspire and encourage creativity. A pendant placed on the "third eye" area will relieve fatigue after working at the computer, and if worn on the chest, it will cure lung and heart diseases.

But making talismans does not exhaust the list of what silver is useful for. It is often used in various rites and ceremonies. For example, there is a special ritual designed to protect the family hearth from envious people, failures, conflicts and misunderstandings. To do this, you will need to take a bottle of red and white wine from the wedding table, wrap them with a chain made of precious metal and place them in a cozy place. Be careful - no one but you should find out about your hiding place! Exactly one year later, the bottles should be taken out and drunk together, while the husband should drink a glass of red wine, and the wife should drink white wine. Such an action will strengthen the connection between you, preserve tender feelings, trust and positive emotions.

Silver was often used as a symbol. So, alchemists associated it with inner currents, hidden motives, self-improvement, joy and friendship. Sometimes this metal marked tears. And when silver dreamed - a warning about diseases, troubles and conflicts. If you saw such a dream, you should refrain from hasty conclusions and decisions.

So let silver become your constant companion, healing diseases and protecting against troubles!

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